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English professor writes book of poetry

Professor of English Michael Cissell wrote his own book called “The Cutting Songs of the Butcher’s Son.” Cissell’s book is full of original poems and will be published in July. Darrah Walker

Emma Barkley
Lantern Staff

“The Cutting Songs of the Butcher’s Son” is a new book written by a Butler professor of English who has been working on this book for about six months now. The book is scheduled to be published in July.

“One could say I have been working on this book for 20 years, but that is not necessarily the case and when I say 20 years, I have poems in it that date back to my graduate school days, but in its current form about six months,” Michael Cissell, who wrote “The Cutting Songs of the Butcher’s Son,” said.

“The Cutting Songs of the Butcher’s Son” is a book that is made up entirely of poems. The poems in the book are individual poems that are organized in a sense that all the poems tell a story. Each of the poems will pick up themes from the previous poems. This book is organized in five sections and each section contains and develops its own theme then those themes are related to a much larger theme that Cissell hopes the book expresses such as relationships.

Most of the poems Cissell has written are mostly about relationships such as father/son, mother/son, husband/wife or just everyone’s relationships with the world and the universe in general. Though not all the poems are about relationships, Cissell said most of them are based on some type of relationship.

“I have always wanted to write my own book,” Cissell said. “I don’t know how much inspiration has to do with it other then as a young person, I was impressed by the power of poetry and wanted to do it.”

Cissell has had help with editing his book from a good friend a professor at the University of Kansas Steve Johnson. The book is in the current hands of the publisher’s editor, Jason Ryberg, Ryberg is the editor who professionally matters. Because he is putting the book together and is also the one making suggestions on changing things, but Cissell can either accept or decline the suggestions.

The publisher will ask Cissell to do a book tour in Kansas City upon its release date and wants Cissell to give a reading at which he hopes to sell quite a few of his books. Cissell is also planning on having a reading in Wichita and Butler’s El Dorado campus. He is also hoping to visit his home state of Kentucky to do a reading. He said that the book is supposed to be sold on Amazon through the publisher. In the future, Cissell plans on releasing more of his original books.


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