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Coutts hosts student artists’ work

Alfredo Garcia
Lantern Staff

Student artists had a chance to have their art on display at the Coutts Museum of Art in El Dorado. The art museum is located at 110 N. Main St., down the street from BrewCo. The art will be displayed from Saturday, April 6 to Monday, May 6.

1. Gavin White, Mental Growth
2. Wilow Eaton, Elegant Mannequin
3. Bethany Emeola, Fabric on Mannequin
4. Amanda Vo, Oh, Baby!
5. Elizabeth, Lee Peace
6. Brenda Rodriquez, Menagerie
7. Kelly Sooter, Valerie’s Treasures
8. Hayden Griffin, Selfie
9. Kinsey Gutierrez, Historical
10. Autumn Parker, Historical
11. Brenda Vargas, Flower vase
12. Haley Hull, Julian
13. Daniel Thompson, Clash
14. Sarah Allen, Mystic Mountain
15. Camille Sowa, Serenity

These are a few of the art pieces on display at the Coutts Art Museum. There are many other Butler students’ art in the museum as well.

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