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Let them play

Hallie Mayes

Lantern Staff

You feel the fresh spring air breeze by as you play catch with your teammate, it is March 2020, and you have no idea this could be the last time you are able to practice all together.

Community colleges were the first to determine they would not have any regular sports seasons in fall 2020.  This premature decision has made an overlooked detrimental impact on athletes. As this virus has grown political, the fact remains the same–athletes just want to play the game they love.

Differing views on how serious this virus should be taken is up for debate. However with summer leagues in full swing and other sports leagues proceeding on schedule, there is not much room for athletes at Butler to feel anything but frustration.  Feeling validated in their opinion, players were more than willing to help me speak out on their behalf.

“The end of last season getting cancelled to the beginning of this season getting pushed back has me heartbroken,” Bryce Zimmerer, sophomore baseball outfielder said.

A similar opinion among the cheer squad as practicing solo does not do much to solidify the movements as well as the safety of the stunts in the routines. As far as football goes, incoming freshman Norman Massey expressed concerns for his teammates graduating during this pandemic. Because of the way this virus has been handled by community colleges in particular, recruitment for universities is nonexistent when players are not allowed to do what they love–play.

Released on Tuesday, July 14, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), approved the notion to shift all close-contact fall sports to the spring. Players and coaches were made aware quickly that this season would not be normal. Since then, programs have evolved to fit the regulations in a stricter manner than the state requires. Although the circumstances are not ideal, both staff and student athletes have come to the realization we are all in this together. All they ask now is for their voices to be heard and to return to the games they love so dearly.



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