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What do I do if have COVID? Who do I talk to?

Jordan Plowman

Multimedia Editor

Hallie Mayes

Butler Lantern

 From the sudden shutdown of school in the spring, adjustments have been made to proceed with in-person class. This includes living on campus and for many other Butler students, commuting to classes. So, what happens if a student is to contract this virus? The Butler Lantern took the question to students at Butler to see if they know what to do, if they have been exposed or test positive for the COVID-19 virus.

 Here is a step-to-step guide on what to do if you have contracted COVID. 


Student athletes often fill the dorms.

“As a school athlete, I think we should be informed as to where the COVID clusters are,” Sophomore civil engineering major  Zach Chiolis said. “But as it is now, we don’t even know what to do if we were to have it.” 

When a student or student athlete contracts COVID, the first step is to contact either their coach or Jaime Sharp, director of College Health, directly. If a student suspects they have contracted the virus, Sharp will isolate the student to a designated dorm room or on-campus apartment. The student will receive check-ins two to three times a day until they are cleared to re-enter the normal population. 

“If a resident is suspected of a COVID diagnosis, she/he is isolated to one of the designated apartments until COVID test results are confirmed,” Director of Residence Life David Newell said. “If a resident is exposed to a confirmed positive COVID case, they are requested to observe quarantine guidelines.  The roommate, who had no direct contact with the confirmed COVID patient, is referred to as a contact of a contact, and as such, does not meet the standard for quarantine classification.”


Students living in apartments often tend to be much more independent; this extends into the COVID-19 pandemic. Living off campus, these students are out of reach in some of the amenities Butler provides. This includes supervision during the coronavirus. 

“It would be helpful for everybody if there was a more clear-cut set of instructions available to everybody going to Butler,” a freshman who prefers to remain anonymous said.

Each individual must be self-aware and pay attention to the symptoms they are experiencing and deciding on when to get tested. If a student tests positive, they may go about this by contacting each individual instructor directly or proceeding straight to Sharp. If students test positive, Disability Services and Sharp will then work out a plan to have them self- quarantine, but still continue school work from home.


“Commuting to school is very easy for me, but during COVID times, it can be very tricky for colleges to control/regulate the students,” Freshman business management major Jake Train said.

 I think Butler needs to be more vocal about guidelines and rules for students regarding the virus.” 

Just as living in El Dorado apartments, students have to self-check everyday before class and if symptoms are present, they are encouraged to stay home and contact Sharp or their primary doctor for further instructions. The COVID screening test can be found here:

If you or someone you know has been put into quarantine, you are not alone. In addition to  reaching out to your instructors, students are encouraged to reach out to Disabilities Services at (316) 322 – 3321,  Counselor Nancy Hamm at (316) 322-3162 and Sharp at (316) 323-6934. 

Maintaining contact with friends digitally, is a great way to feel less secluded. You are alone, but the community of Butler is in this with you. 

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