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Board of Trustees hold their meeting for October

Maya Hall


The following information was taken from the Board of Trustees meeting held on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Each quotation is written as it was said in the meeting.  

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, the Board of Trustees met for their monthly meeting to discuss various items. Out of the Board of Trustee members, only Martha Mary Good was not in attendance.  

The meeting featured school staff members and group leaders to provide campus updates regarding student activities. In the meeting, the trustees also took the time to have an executive session that is not made public. 

Featured in the meeting was an announcement made by Butler’s President Kimberly Krull that Aletra Chaney-Profit, the director of career services, has recently been named to the Handshake Advisory Board. 

“Handshake is a job replacement tool… that works to elevate the voices of community colleges in the job market,” Krull said. “[It] provides a structured way to integrate community college opportunities and specific feedback and help identify larger trends in our community college space that align with industry and provide opportunities for our students.” 

Krull skipped her narrative since there was no one present to make public comment. They then moved on to let various employees provide their updates, those who spoke were Lisa Bolin, Early College Academy administrative assistant, and Terry Sader, professor of philosophy and Education Association president. 

The board then moved on to talk about updates on how the college is dealing with COVID-19. Trustee Julie Winslow asked how many teachers are zooming their classes, to which Shelley Stultz was able to reply. 

“Myself and Teresa Eastman, who is the director of disability services, processed a little over 100 requests to work remotely and that included staff and faculty alike,” Stultz said. “And I believe the faculty number was around 40, maybe 45, and the remaining were staff members and adjunct faculty.” 

It was also stated that the COVID-19 update page on the school’s website is being updated weekly to stay current. 

Some topics of discussion will be saved for the November meeting, such as funding and how the funding will be distributed, which Krull mentioned that there are a few different sources of funding that will be discussed. Those sources include the Cares Act funding from the federal level, state Spark Task funding and some reimbursement funding that is coming from the county. 

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