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Crossing the finish line of the season

William Paronto

Student Sports Media

The Butler Grizzlies Cross Country season came to an end after their final meet of the season on Saturday, Nov. 14. They raced in Iowa at the National Junior College Championships in Fort Dodge. The men’s team finished in the top 10 with a 10th place finish overall, while the women’s team came in 11th place.

On the women’s team, sophomore Zadie St. Louis came in first for the Grizzlies. She finished 26th with a time of 20:23.93. Up next for the Grizzlies was freshman Sylvia Korir who finished 34th place with a time of 20:43.80. Sophomore Stephany Lechuga finished 51st with a time of 21:18.37. After her was freshman Emily Hankins who finished 61st with a time of 21:48.09. Freshman Leyni Gomez finished with a time of 22:43.71 and got 79th overall. Freshman Ann Dangha finished in 95th with a time of 25:01.27.

On the men’s team, sophomore Tarik Xavier finished with a time of 26:35.79 and got 25th overall. Freshman Obadia Tanui ran a time of 26:44.56 and finished 29th. After that, sophomore Juan Tovar finished 72nd with a time of 28:19.38. Freshman Issa Amfa came in 75th with a time of 28:28.57. Behind him was freshman Daniel Birchell who ran 29:11.79 and finished 93rd overall. Sophomore Luis Manqueros finished 116th with a time of 30:06.81.

The men’s team competed against 21 other schools. The women’s team competed against 14 schools.

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