What will it take?

Jordan Plowman


COVID-19 started appearing in the United States in December last year and people still don’t not wear their masks correctly. I do not know how many chin strap, second earring and nose breather mask wearers I have seen in the last few weeks. It has been several months since mask mandates were set in place by state and county officials.  

Still, people blindly rebel against something that could help reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 and possibly die. My observations are not limited to the rural towns and outlying sub cities, but I find on any given day at least two people in Wichita in a store without a mask or they’re improperly using it. 

At my work, if the district manager sees anyone without a mask or they are wearing it improperly, they either get their final warning or if they have any prior write-ups, they are terminated. On the other hand, my manager does not send costumers back out to their cars to retrieve if they come in without one.  

I feel mask usage should be enforced on both ends. Not only should the worker who hands the items directly wear a mask, but customers who come into stores should also wear a mask improperly. 

Everyday Kansas is reaching new COVID record highs. On Saturday, Nov. 14, there were 446 new cases in Kansas according to the New York Times report: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/kansas-coronavirus-cases.html.

Gov. Laura Kelly has been urging Kansans to take a 30-day COVID challenge. I really think it’s beneficial, because if we can be very conscientious for 30 days then we could bring down the numbers of COVID cases. Instead of raising the death rate during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we could have a regular summer next year with loved ones.  

If people could get behind the notion that right now, it is time to be serious. COVID is taking lives of all ages, races, gender and ethnicity. I do not know who you are, but COVID could take your life or at least have lasting side effects. 

If everyone could just wear a mask properly, over the nose and mouth, we could save lives. Heck, throw a portal party to decorating masks that everyone can enjoy each other’s company while still chatting it up. Find a mask that will fit your style or one for every outfit to jazz things up, but take the time to help yourself and others stay as safe as possible.  

If you feel down and need that friend or family interaction, then be safe about what you are doing. Do not go it you feel sick, wear that bedazzled mask, wash your hands and try to find less intimate activities. 

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