Campus News

Repairs made to radio station

Jayden Stanley

Reporting 2 Student

The KBTL radio station is under a remodel. With some light repair work and a new design plan, the station is back and better than ever.

When Mass Communications Professor and KBTL General Manager Keith West first came to Butler, there was a countertop that students had to stand at and look at the wall while doing their shows.

West decided the station needed an update, so he designed a new countertop area and had college carpenters build it, which saved them some money. But later, they realized this new setup wasn’t as good as they once thought.

The equipment was in the corners and wasn’t easily accessible, in case it needed to be repaired.

“We redesigned a new countertop that number one, allows us to be handicapped-accessible,” West said. “We want to make sure we operate with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules; number two, it allows us to have an operator and three different guests at any time; and number three, allows us access to the equipment, so if anything goes down, or we add something or modify something we can do it very easily.”

Everything had to be disassembled first, and then some equipment was moved to different racks, which West will wire.

“The carpenters will be able to salvage the legs and the bracket and simply put a single piece countertop on top and then we’ll put the racks in and that will let us know where we need to put the holes to run the cables, and then we’ll power everything up and hope it works,” West said.

A new countertop was installed on Tuesday, March 23, and planned to be all set and back on the air by 5 p.m. that day.

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