Campus News

Enrollment season is in full swing

Annette Berntsen

Lantern Staff

As the school year draws towards the end of the last semester, enrollment for summer and fall classes begins to ramp up the pace. However, because of COVID restrictions, enrollment looks much different than it used to.  

Usually, students are given two options for enrollment: in person with an advisor, or online after getting permission from the advising department. After the shutdown of schools in March last year, the advising department worked to provide a third option – a scheduled phone call with an advisor who walks the student through the enrollment process.  

“Since the offices were closed down and we were all working from home, we had to pivot to a phone enrollment process,” academic advisor Gary Royse said. “We set up a system where students could get online and schedule an appointment to have an advisor call them to enroll. It proved to be very effective, and we are currently still using that system.” 

However, the question remains of whether online classes will be as popular as they have been this year. This year, online enrollment increased because of Covid and social distancing. However, with the vaccine being distributed to increasing numbers of people, this may switch back to a more normal, in person classroom environment.  

“It is a little early to be able to predict that at this time,” Royse said. “Our hope is that as more people get vaccinated and COVID numbers drop, we can reduce some of the protocols and students will feel more comfortable returning to the classrooms.” 

Butler is continuing its Summer Plus program as well. Students who enroll in at least six credit hours in the summer will receive three free credit hours in the fall. Royse recommends students take advantage of this deal.  

If you have any further questions regarding enrollment, you can contact the advising department at (316) 322-3163 or 

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