‘Tom & Jerry’: Decently delightful, silly

Hayden Cole

Lantern Staff

4/5 Lanterns

Tom and Jerry came out in early March in theaters and on HBO MAX. Prior to its release, many people were confused about how a film with such classic animated characters would mesh with a live action film. However, the film delivers a surprisingly entertaining plot focusing on how Tom and Jerry became “frenemies”, that mixed with wonderful special effects, hilarious cartoon action, as well as surprising cameos.

The 2021 film, Tom and Jerry, follows the popular animated pair to New York City, New York, where Jerry has moved into a hotel. Kayla, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, an event planner, hires Tom to get rid of Jerry. Youtube Trailer

The film begins by following Tom as he tries to drum up cash as a street performer when Jerry shows up and tries to steal Tom’s spotlight. Tom, predictably, does not take this well and their rivalry begins. Taking residence in one of the classiest hotels in New York City, Jerry begins to cause problems for the hotel. Meanwhile Kayla, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, lied her way into a job at this hotel and is tasked with dealing with the hotel’s mouse problem. She enlists the help of Tom, and the destruction that always follows Tom and Jerry soon ensues.

The film’s writing is solid for what it is, a family film that is meant to have something for everyone. It has silly jokes and humor appropriate for younger viewers, as well as nostalgia for older viewers who grew up watching Tom and Jerry. Also, the film does a particularly excellent job at blending live action with animation. The film is consistent with the animation, as it all looks very cartoon. The film is also consistent with its animation, all animals in the film are animated. Dogs, cats, birds, mice and even bugs are all animated. The audience would not expect this concept to mesh well with the live-action concept, but it absolutely does! It helps add to the comic nature of the film as well as the suspension of disbelief for the benefit of the audience. With appearances by Collin Jost, Ken Jong and Michael Pena, the film has some serious star-power, and it also keeps in line with what we, as an audience, already knew about Tom and Jerry, while bringing a fun new story to the fold.

Overall, I think the film is great for a family audience–well designed, well written, and well put together. It gives everyone something to look forward to. However, it is a family film, so it isn’t going to win any awards, but it succeeded in putting a smile on my face. 4/5 Lanterns

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