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Vice presidential search opens to employees

Lantern Staff

Vice President of Academic (VPA) candidates will be on campus this week, and employees are invited to attend an hour long in-person or Zoom session starting tomorrow, April 21. More information about the VPA search can be found here: Vice President of Academics Search | Butler Community College ( Employees can visit VPA Open Forums: Schedule to sign up to attend one of the sessions.

Candidates include Eddie Andreo, Stephanie Ferguson and Tom Nevill.

Eddie Andreo. Courtesy of Butler Community College

Andreo, who works at Cowley College, is an associate vice president of Distance Learning. His background of learning management extends to Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle. In addition to his administrative experience, Andreo has worked in higher education for 15 years. He has taught business ethics and international business among other subjects. Andreo, a Kansas native, has also presented at conferences such as at the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference, and the dean has also received recognition for his leadership specifically with his online experience. Andreo received his master’s in business administration from Baker University and his bachelor’s from Newman University.

Stephanie Ferguson. Courtesy of Butler Community College

Ferguson, a dean of Applied Sciences and Learning Technology, works at New Mexico Junior College. In addition to her work as a dean, she has also taught courses. Ferguson has previously worked at the University of Phoenix and Southeastern Louisiana University. She received her doctorate in special education from the University of Southern Mississippi, a master’s degree in curriculum, curriculum, and counseling and her bachelor’s in English education.

Tom Nevill. Courtesy of Butler Community College

Nevill, an Illinois native, works at Austin Community College as the dean of Arts and Digital Media. Amassing 20 years of experience, he has also worked in administrative positions at Pima Community College and at Guilford Technical Community College. Nevill, who is a practicing performer, has also worked as a professor of music. While working as a professor, Nevill received recognition twice for his teaching. Nevill received his doctorate in musical arts at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, a master’s in percussion performance and a bachelor’s at Eastern Illinois University.

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