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BSA, College Health partners for vaccine clinic

Morgan-Alysse Black

Lantern Staff

The Black Student Association (BSA) organization is partnering with the College Health Department to offer information and resources to students concerning the Covid-19 vaccination.

The mission is to target the El Dorado and Butler community as a whole, but particularly the students and staff. This fall and beyond, BSA and College Health will reach out to provide information about what the Covid-19 vaccination is and allow people to decide for themselves if it is right for them. It is important that students stay safe and educated, so the school year and beyond is successful.

“I wanted to help get the word out, and be able to make Butler a safer campus,” Guadalupe Torres, a BSA member and sophomore, said. “It was good to see community members show up as well. My goal is to be able to make Butler a more safe zone, where Covid -19 isn’t such a big worry. I also want to provide the truth about the vaccine. I really love the flyers provided by BSA, that helped shed light on the facts surrounding the vaccine.”

On Thursday, Aug. 19, Butler held its first vaccine clinic in the Welcome Center. Its success was attributed to the College Health Department and BSA sponsor Aletra Chaney-Profit, director of Career Services. Although College Health and BSA are unsure of the next clinic date, it is planned to take place towards the end of September.

Director of Residence Life David Newell spoke about safety measures on campus.

“I like to think that we’re taking a measured approach, still encouraging social distancing and masks are strongly encouraged,” Newell said. “We’re also encouraging vaccinations. We also like to educate people on (the) vaccination with all the false information; however it’s an individual choice. Just keep your masks on and continue to keep hygiene practices strong.”

College Health continues to take measures to protect the campus community.

“We are testing,” Jaime Sharp, director of College Health services, said. “We have free testing Monday-Friday before 2 p.m. Contact tracing, although there’s difficulty because everyone handled Covid-19 differently. … promoting vaccinations and masks.”

Sharp encourages student and college employess to talk with their primary care professional about their concerns and vaccine.

“In some (I sense fear regarding getting the vaccine), but it’s across the board,” Sharp said. “Some feel relieved, and others seem fearful. Mostly, those that decide to get vaccinated seem more relieved.”

If you are interested in gaining more information on the Covid-19 vaccination, or interested in getting vaccinated on campus, please contact College Health Department:

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