Kaufman reveals deeply personal moments

Tatum Wykes

Photo Editor

Trigger Warning: If you decide to read Light Filters in Poems because of subjects relating to self-harm, sexual assault and other sensitive topics.

“Come and sit with me. We can watch the day grow dark as we do the same.”

Caroline Kaufman was only a freshman in high school when she began posting her poetry online, and since then she has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across social media reading her work worldwide. Her debut book, Light Filters in Poems, was published in 2018, and she was later named one of Her Campus’s 22 Under 22 Most Inspiring College Women in 2018 for her work destigmatizing mental illness through poetry. Kaufman grew up in Westchester, New York, and is currently studying English at Harvard University.

Throughout the book, Kaufman talks about mental illness, self-harm, suicide, recovery, sexual assault, abusive relationships, violence and other topics that may be hard for others to talk about. She makes others know and feel that they’re not alone and that it’s ok to not be ok. With this book having so many triggering topics, she reminds readers to take care of themselves and reach out to her and others if they need.

“Your safety is always important,” Kaufman said. “So do whatever you need to do. Asking for help is not weak, I promise. It’s human.”

Kaufman wrote another book called When the World Didn’t End. This book involves powerful poems of love, forgiveness, self-discovery and what it’s like living after a hard-fought battle with depression. These books can be found on websites such as Harper Collins, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books-A-Million and Indie Bond.

Kaufman does a great job of digging into a deep topic no one ever wants to talk about. She also does a good job on how she uses different literary devises such as similes, metaphors, personifications and symbolism. One of her weaknesses would be how it is very repetitive, and it just feels like you’re re-reading the same thing. I really enjoyed reading this book because I felt like I could relate to her a lot, and she did a good job of showing the side of those topics no one else wants to talk about.

I would recommend this book to people who have suffered through hard times. This book will give you a sense of you’re not alone and it will get better. Although I had to take some breaks throughout the book, I was always able to start back up knowing I wasn’t alone. I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5.

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