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SGA offers events for student involvement

Ally Davis


If you are a student at Butler Community College looking to get out of your dorm room, the Student Government Association (SGA) might have an event for you. SGA is here to help students be a part of Butler Community College and feel involved. After moving in and thinking about the first week of school, it can be stressful without friends at college. SGA tries to make it a little easier to get out and mingle with fellow students. Guadalupe J. “During the first week of school, SGA hosted a Welcome Week with different events every day,”  

Guadalupe J. Torres-Arreola, SGA President, said that “they have help from many students and employees around Butler. Without them, she said the “Student Government Association is nothing.”  

For the Fall 2021 start-up, Torres-Arreola said, “On Monday (Aug. 16), SGA along with residential life hosted a block party at the basketball court. There was also axe throwing that went along with that. On Tuesday (Aug.17), SGA hosted a sand volleyball tournament and Crusades for Christ (CRU) also hosted their cookout. On Wednesday (Aug.18), all Butler students were able to go to free bowling and mini golf at the Grizzly Bowl Bowling Alley. On Thursday (Aug.19), SGA along with the Black Student Association (BSA), helped host a COVID vaccine clinic in the Clifford Stone Room. Lastly, on Friday (Aug.20), students were able to go to the Butler Women’s soccer game and receive a free popcorn and drink, and they were also able to receive a free ticket to the El Dorado Cinema 6. These were just some activities available at the El Dorado campus.”  

Many students attended each event that was hosted, ending in a good turnout.  

SGA has big news involving their upcoming events. On Wednesday, (Sep. 1) we officially have our first SGA meeting, which is open to the public, where we will announce any big events coming up and report campus changes.” said Torres-Arreola.  

Torres-Arreola, along with other SGA members, get together at the beginning of the school year to make plans for upcoming events/activities during the school year. They also make an outline of the events they want to put together for the whole school year, then try to follow it as much as possible. The members of SGA spread the word of all the different events through posting it around the school. 

 “We have two lovely coordinators named Chloebeth and Rachel that oversee creating posters for events and announcing events on social media.” Torres-Arreola said. “Some designs do come from other organizers, but most of them are from our coordinators.”   

“Putting on SGA events also comes with a lot of planning beforehand,” said Residence Life Operation Manager and SGA Sponsor Ron Castle.  

 “We had a retreat in the beginning of August and a lot of that time we spent discussing ideas and mapping out a schedule of what we can do,” Ron Castle said. “We will do the same prior to the spring semester in January.” 

He also said there will be another event coming up on Sept. 10 called “Fun Friday Event featuring paint.” SGA and all their members really look forward to hosting events for all students at Butler Community College to enjoy and socialize. 

 SGA organizes things like activities, benefits and more that are associated with helping students. 

Student Kayla Bennett (Sophomore Nursing Major) said she had no idea any of these events were going on.  

“How am I supposed to know to go and scan a paper with a QR code on it,” Bennett asked why all the signs say nothing about what they are. “There are multiple signs around campus yet, they are not informative.”  

“I think they should make the signs more informative, colorful and more eye-catching,” Bennett also added.  

To address success concerns, Castle plans to post information on the digital signage. 

Several students would have liked to attend the events but did not know times, places, or when and what was going on.  

On the other hand, there were several students who loved attending the events.  

 “My friends told me about the cookout on Tuesday evening and I went with them and had a fun meeting new friends,” another student, Hayden Jansen (Sophomore Accounting Major). 

While passing through the basketball court on Monday (Aug.16) evening, there were many student athletes taking advantage of the opportunity to play basketball and joining in a game or two. On Wednesday’s bowling night, a couple of students said they went down to the bowling alley and exchanged lots of laughter while enjoying games. SGA has helped more students get out, socialize amongst peers, smile/laugh, and enjoy being a part of an organization that makes you feel welcomed and involved. 

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