Art show “Sightings” takes place at Butler

Evan Dalian

Managing Editor

Art Gallery “Sightings”

On Thursday, Sept. 16, the E.B. White Art Gallery hosted “Sightings,” which is art collected from personal collections of people in the area.

“We use it to teach our students about art and hope to bring people through the community,” Valerie Haring, professor of art, said.

“Sightings” ends Friday Sept. 24, and features different styles of art from paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

Art students on scholarship help to work the gallery by setting up lighting, making sure the art is portrayed best and working the desk while the gallery is open.

Freshman art students at the gallery all mentioned how art is “therapeutic, self-meditating and similar to exercise” as you put your thoughts on a page and create something (at times) completely different from what you originally had planned in your mind.

There are 6 art galleries per year and the final one will be art made by the students on scholarship that will show in April.

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