New Faces at Butler

Ally Davis

Editor in Chief

Evan Dalian

Managing Editor

Julio Guerrero is the new Dean of Health, Education and Public Services. Guerrero comes from San Antonio Texas, where he served as the Chair of Kinesiology program at Our Lady of the Lake. He has pre-med background from his undergrad year, then went to Mexico for medical school and also worked in the hospital scene for a year. Guerrero also has a masters degree in exercise science and a doctorate in health education. On top of all his schooling he also has also been an educator for 15 years . Butler was Guerrero’s choice because of how “polished and professional” it seemed and he felt like everyone worked together well and wanted to be a part of making the college better. As the Dean of his department Guerrero oversees 7 programs, he makes sure that everyone follows the path of success and also helps prepare students for their next step going into a four-year college.

Dr. Thomas Nevill is the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Butler was Dr. Nevill’s top pick because of the success rate of students and the national reputation that the college has. A big push for Dr. Nevill to join the Butler community was the fact he would have an outstanding boss and really great colleagues. After his visit at Butler it was clear to him that “Butler is more than reputation, it is family” and the commitment that the students have towards their future and Butler is incredible. As the Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Nevill has a wide variety of responsibilities. His main goal for his job is to make sure all students succeed and have the support to do so.

Melanie McLemore is the new Director of Residence Life. While looking for a job McLemore wanted to be able to get to know and build relationships with not only her colleagues but also the students of the college. On top of wanting to be involved she wanted to experience something outside of a four-year college institution. As the new Director of Residence Life McLemore said that she is still trying to “figuring things out” as she goes. Her position goes from helping with technology all the way to helping resolve roommate conflict.

Zachary Lindsey is a new full time Lead Fire science Instructor. Lindsey has also been in the Butler community and has always had an attachment to Butler. Being a part of Butler already was one of the things that made him want to join full time as an instructor. He has many goals for the fire science program, one would be to make sure that the foundation is secure and he would also like to build the program to put them “on the map” so it can take off and grow. As a Lead Fire Science Instructor his job entails two parts, to teach fire science students and to also manage the fire science program under the chair of fire/EMS.

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