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‘The Ballad of Kate the Shrew” show opens

Tatum Wykes

Photo Editor

Photo By. Morgan-Alysse Black

The Ballad of Kate the Shrew is directed by Bob Peterson. It is an adaptation of from Shakespear’s play The Taming of the Shrew. The play was adapted into the old west of 1882. The purpose of the play is about people coming together and becoming agreeable with one another. The Ballad of Kate the Shrew was chosen for the first performance because a key member Mr. Wonsettler is out due to surgery. Mr. Wonsettler is the person in charge of lighting and sounds. Luckly, they got help from a former student who has come back to help.  

“The former student has been very helpful and super instrumental throughout this process,” Peterson said.  “Even with being one man down I felt this play was something we could all handle.” 

The lead roles Sysco Pete and Katherine are played by Samuel Downey and Chelise Penner. 

“Everyone is a lead actor to me,” Peterson said. 

Although things are semi back to normal COVID was still an issue when going about this play. The basis of this play is based on when the leading man, Downey asking the leading lady Penner “kiss me Kate”. The actors had to adjust to make where they still had all the wonderful elements but still making sure everyone is safe.  

The play crew held auditions in the first week of school. Ever since, the actors have been practicing every night for the past 6 weeks.  The crew and actors are not only responsible for remembering their lines but also coming up with props and backgrounds. Mr. Peterson made up and put together three store fronts based off Dodge City, KS in 1882.  All props are homemade.  

Photo by. Morgan-Alysse Black

Mr. Peterson’s goal for this year is to make sure to give the students wonderful theatrical experiences that are challenging, will tickle their brain but also are enjoyable and fun.  

“Theater and hard work should be fun,” Peterson said. “I’ve had a wonderful experience working with these kids. They’re all very bright eyes and bushy tailed and eager and ready to go. I know I’m going to have great memories looking back on “Kate the shrew”. 

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