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First open concert since October 2019

Tatum Wykes

Photo Editor

The instrumental music concert will be held on Friday, Oct. 8 and Saturday, Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m. All together there are five ensembles: Jazz, Brass, Woodwind, Show Band and Concert Band. Jazz will perform some original pieces and some pop pieces. Show band will perform along the same. One of the original pieces that the people should notice will be “Pink Panther.” Concert band will perform some concert band master works.  

“The students have been working incredibly hard all semester,” said Brett Martinez, associate professor of Instrumental Music.

Because the first concert of the semester happens early in the school year, Martinez starts the process of choosing songs with a lot of literature that might work and then they choose what works best with the ensembles and what fits best with everything else that is being performed.  

“The meaning for this concert is to get back on stage with a live audience since October 2019,” Martinez said.  

Since there has not been any Covid-19 restrictions, the ensembles are back to full and ‘normal’ practices. Concert band meets for three hours a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for an hour each. Jazz and Show Band meet for three hours an hour and a half o Tuesday and Thursday. Woodwinds and Brass only meet for one hour a week.  

“I really appreciate the work the students have put in and how they have all rose to the challenges,” Martinez said.  

The band would love for as many as possible to come out and enjoy there songs that they have been working hard at to put together.

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