Coffee shop exhibits excellence every time

Evan Dalian

Managing Editor

Photos by Tatum Wykes

            This time of year is do or die for coffee companies as they roll out their fall flavors of pumpkin, maple, caramel, apple and spice. Coffee lovers want you to nail the original flavors, but also bring something new to the table. As a Scooter’s customer during this time of year, it is fair to say that they have done just that.

            I went to the Scooter’s in El Dorado, located on 2000 W. Central Ave., a handful of different times, and each time I get something a little different. I personally like stronger coffee with just a little bit of flavor. I don’t like the added sugar and cream and prefer black coffee. I love pumpkin flavors, so I ordered their cold brew iced coffee with some of their pumpkin flavoring. I really liked their pumpkin flavoring, and it had the perfect amount of sweetness mixed with their very smooth tasting cold brew.

            I went a few other times and got the same thing, but I did add an extra shot of espresso one time and I was happy with how it didn’t completely overpower the pumpkin flavor I still wanted. The next thing I tried was their Pumpkin Caramelicious muffin. That muffin was probably hands down the best muffin I have ever had. It is always served warm and fresh, and the caramel on top seeps down through the muffin and adds even more moisture and flavor. The muffin is soft, but not too soft and is even good after refrigerating and reheating. The only complaint about that delicious muffin is that it is slightly messy.

            The next fall item I tried was the Maple Spice Cold Brew. It was a very interesting mix of flavors. When you take a sip, the first flavor that hits you is the sweet maple before the strong and almost bitter taste of the coffee and spice surfaces. It surprisingly did not leave a bad aftertaste from the spice and made me want to drink more of the clashing flavors. Overall, the quality of the coffee and the food I had was fantastic every time! I have tried coffee from Starbucks, Dunkin, Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, Panera and more and I would put Scooter’s iced coffee in the top three from what I have tried for sure. I give the overall food and drink experience five espresso shots out of five.

            When it comes to price, Scooter’s is no more expensive than Starbucks. Depending on what you get, it is more or less expensive. Their specialty drinks are obviously more expensive, but their basic drinks will be less expensive. They do have an app similar to Starbucks app where you can make an account and order ahead or just scan your QR code to add to your points and hook up your card to it and pay with the app. Even though you may not be saving too much money by switching to Scooter’s from somewhere like Starbucks, you are receiving great quality every time and a great customer service experience. We all know you are already spending a pretty penny on your coffee addiction every day, so why not upgrade your quality and experience for the same price, if not less? I give the overall pricing 3.5 espresso shots out of five.

            The customer service at Scooter’s is phenomenal, to say the least. They are very nice and friendly without being way over the top and annoying like the baristas at Starbucks are. They offer different menu items very kindly and are not pushy if you say no. They are very patient if you need a second to figure out what you want and, if you need help, they are very knowledgeable and can point you in the right direction of something you would enjoy. They are also very helpful and friendly when it comes to teaching about the app or helping find the best deals with the coupons or rewards you may have. Not to mention it is a strictly drive-through shop, so they are very quick and can get a customer in and out efficiently. I give the overall customer service experience five espresso shots out of five, without a doubt.

            If you take the average of all my ratings, I give Scooter’s an overall rating of 4.5 espresso shots out of five. I highly recommend going to Scooter’s and trying their wonderful coffee and great customer service.

Photo by Tatum Wykes

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