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*BREAKING NEWS: Butler football forfeits wins: Self-reported ineligible player

Adrian Holguin & the Butler Student Sports Media Staff

Butler football, previously 6-2, is required to forfeit their six wins after it was discovered they used an ineligible player. This news reportedly came out at noon Tuesday.

“We had an ineligible player that played in a considerable amount of games,” Coach Tim Schaffner said.

This finding was reportedly self-reported and will cause Butler to face the top-seeded Coffeyville Red Ravens in Coffeyville on Sunday, instead of the 2-6 Dodge City Conquistadors at BG Products Veterans Sports Complex, in the team’s opening playoff match-up.

It will also cause Butler to fall all the way to the eighth seed from the third seed.

According to the Butler Student Sports Media staff, the ineligible player had previously played at a D1 school for two seasons, then transferred in the 2020 season, played his 2021 spring season at a mid-major D1 and then transferred to Butler prior to this year’s fall season.

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