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Number two in the books for the art department

Scenes from Erika Navarrete’s life

Tatum Wykes

Photo Editor

The Art Department kicked off their second art exhibit on Tuesday, Nov. 8 and goes until Friday, Dec. 3.  There are three exhibits in each semester. The first exhibit, “Sightings,” opened on Thursday, Sept. 16. “Sightings” included art collected from personal collections of those in the area. This second exhibit consists of work from one individual, Erika Navarrete. The artwork shown is scenes from Navarrete’s life.

“I am proud of the variety and quality of the artwork we have always had in the gallery,” Co-director Rachel Foster said. This show is a great example of the strong work we recruit for exhibitions. Erika is a fantastic painter and drafts person, and we are very proud to host her work here on campus.” 

The Art Department holds a show for students every spring to give them the opportunity to exhibit the work they have done in the class. There is also a faculty exhibit held every other year, so students can see what faculty members create outside of the academic setting. The other exhibits shown are either invitationals, where co-directors Trisha Coates, professor of art, and Foster invite artists from the region to contribute a themed show, or a juries show, where they ask someone else to organize work from submissions they seek from the public. 

“We choose these artists according to whether we think the students would be particularly interested in it, and if the work is of exceptional quality,” Foster said. 

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