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UPDATE: Current Covid-19 protocols

Evan Dalian

Managing Editor

Q. What does the current mask mandate mean at Butler?

A. Effective Tuesday, Jan. 18 to Monday, Jan. 31, all students and staff must wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. There will be a reevaluation after that time period.

Infographic by Evan Dalian

Q. What is the protocol for students coming back from out of the country?

A. Students coming from a state or country previously on the travel-related quarantine list must complete a 10-day quarantine period before returning to class. For more information, visit:

Q. How do I know that I am healthy enough to go to class?

A. There is a self-screening questionnaire that students are advised to go over every day before coming to class. For more information, visit:

Q. What happens if you feel unsafe to attend in person classes or must quarantine for a period of time?

A. Butler has many online options available to suit the needs of every student.

Q. What is the procedure for an active case on campus?


Q. What does housing do for those students who must quarantine or have Covid?

A. “The Residence Life Office provides temporary Covid isolation accommodations with a private bath,” Residence Life Director David Newell said. ” We also provide meal services, calling directly from the cafeteria and providing all meal options available to the in-person residents.”

Q. If a student has tested positive and has a roommate, what guidelines do they have to follow?

A. “The positive student is moved to an isolation room as stated above,” College Health Services Director Jaime Sharp said. “The isolation period has been reduced to five days from the onset of symptoms. The person must also be fever free for 24 hours and have improved symptoms to complete isolation.  The roommate follows the close-contact guidelines.”

Infographic courtesy of Butler Community College

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