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Library offers a monthly challenge, caffeinated beverages 

Jen Anima

Lantern Staff

Do not miss your chance to enter this semester’s library challenge offered at both El Dorado and Andover campuses. The monthly challenge is simple: Grab a book from the display shelf, read it and fill out a review for that book to be entered to win an Amazon gift card at the end of this semester. This challenge is not limited to just students but also includes faculty.  

Access and Instruction Librarian Kara Price created the reading challenge to encourage and promote the use of library resources. Photo by Jen Anima

According to The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) almost half of U.S. adults ages 16 and older read at or below the basic reading level. The center explains that not having these basic skills can contribute to the struggle when it comes to employment, finances, health and preventative care and democratic affairs like voting 

“Not only is reading fun, but it is also beneficial for cultivating a happier and more successful life,” Access and Instruction Librarian Kara Price said. 

In March of 2019, the Butler libraries had to physically shut down because of Covid-19, and when they were able to open again, there was a decrease in students checking out books and materials. 

“Since reopening last spring, our goals have been to become acquainted with students and employees who could not visit our libraries during the shutdown and increase the number of books and media checked out by the community we serve,” Price said. “Thus, the Monthly Display Challenge was born.” 

The books students should check out for this challenge are on the monthly themed display shelf, which has books relating to that month’s holidays, celebration, activities and what is currently popular with students here at Butler. This challenge though is not limited to just the monthly display, but also includes the children’s and juniors’ display shelves. There is no limit to how many books a student can read or how many entries can be submitted.  

According to Price, the library saw a decline in the number of students coming in and using library resources. Photo by Jen Anima

The library also hosts “Popcorn Thursdays” every Thursday at 3 p.m., and “Game Night at the Library,” which will take place next month at the El Dorado campus. The library café also offers monthly drinks they advertise and for next month, the library will take suggestions as to what the drink of the month should be for the first time. The person with the chosen suggestion will win a “sweet” prize. The Andover campus will offer free pancakes during finals week for students as well. To stay up to date with these ongoing and new events, students should follow the L.W Nixon Libraries Facebook (@ButlerLibraries) and Instagram (@butlercclibraries) pages.  

The monthly display challenge will last up to finals week on Monday, May 9 when the winner will be announced. If you are the winner and cannot be here, do not worry! The librarians are ready with both physical and digital copies of the reward. The library is also already planning to continue this challenge onto the next school year.  

“It is an opportunity for us to promote newer and older items in our collection that students may not be familiar with, it celebrates diversity and representation on campus with displays that highlight a variety of people and cultures, and it encourages reading outside of the classroom,” Price said. 

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