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How to help Ukrainian refugees

Jen Anima

Lantern Staff

  1. Numana
    Numana is a non-profit hunger relief organization based in El Dorado. They have provided three different ways in which Kansans can help Ukraine in these difficult times: donating to their Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Response Fund, having a private meal packing event and hosting a meal packing event. Click the link below for more information on these options:
    Catholic Diocese of Wichita >
    The Catholic Diocese of Wichita has provided a list of different Catholic organizations that are providing help for the people in Ukraine. Check the link below to view this list:
  2. Obama Foundation
    The Obama Foundation’s mission is to inspire people to take action and change the world. The United States foundation has partnered with those who work with the foundation in Europe to identify different organizations that are doing humanitarian work for Ukraine. Click the link below to view the different approved organizations seeking to help Ukraine:
  3. The International Rescue Committee
    The International Rescue Committee (IRC) was founded by Albert Einstein in 1933 and helps people going through humanitarian crises. They have provided a donation page with many options for refugees in Poland who were forced to leave Ukraine. People can choose what the donation goes to and offers an estimate of how many people the donation will affect. IRC also has the option of donating one time or stating a month-to-month donation to help people of Ukraine. Click the link below to donate and for more information:
    UNICEF is a United States non-profit organization that works with other non-profit groups and government organizations to help children around the world. UNICEF provides health care, educational and nutritional support for the people of Ukraine. In the link below, UNICEF provides more information about the situation in Ukraine and how you can donate:

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