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Juried exhibition highlights, recognizes art students’ work 

Jen Anima

Lantern Staff

The E.B White Art Gallery on the El Dorado campus invites students to see the new pieces that have been put on display for this year’s Juried Exhibition. The annual Juried Exhibition in the E.B White Art Gallery is open to the public and students until Monday, May 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For any information regarding this gallery, contact Professor of Art Trisha Coates ( ) or Associate Professor of Art Rachel Foster ( ). 

Students from different classes like Drawing one and two, Painting one and two, Ceramics one and two and other art project classes have submitted their pieces to be showcased at this year’s annual exhibition. This exhibit allows students to show off the work that they have created in class inside of the Art Department. The art exhibit ranges from a wide variety of themes, colors and materials.  

After submitting their final product, the pieces are judged and chosen to be put up in the exhibit. Associate Professor of Art at Newman University Shannon Johnston judged this year.  

 “She uses some of the same skills to make art as she does to evaluate it,” Professor of Fine Arts and Communications Valerie Haring said. “She talked to the students about craftsmanship, presentation, form, subject and content.” 

Johnston selected prize winners and were celebrated at the receptions and awards ceremony on Thursday, April 21 from 6 to 8pm. 

Besides self-portraits, drawings and paintings, onlookers may notice work from the “tromp l’ oeil” project run by Coates. “Tromp l’oei” means “to fool the eye”, so people interested in attendance should expect to see pieces that look like real life objects but are actually clay.  

“One only needs to take a few steps into the gallery to see some spectacular pieces of art,” Haring said.  

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