KWCH employees speak of internship opportunities

Ally Davis


On Wednesday, April 13, Kansas Wichita Channel (KWCH) Assistant Manager Jennifer Searle and Digital Marketing Manager Jeffery McCausland came to Butler Community College on the El Dorado campus to inform students of internships and job opportunities available for Mass Communications students.  

Professor of Mass Communications Keith West invited Searle and McCausland to talk about internship opportunities, how they work and the importance of them in a career path.  

Searle and McCausland talked about how important it is to have an internship in this field of work before going into the real world of Mass Communications. There are many different personalities they look for in someone applying for an internship or a job at KWCH such as not being afraid of putting oneself out there.  

One of the most important personality traits that KWCH looks for in students is “big picture thinking,” McCausland said.  

When a student asked Searle if they should apply for an internship even if it is not through KWCH, her response was “Yes, do it! Internships train you for the future.” 

Several Mass Communication students including Sport Media student Brayden Oneal, who is interested in a career in Mass Communications, thought that this discussion was highly informative.  

“It was a great discussion,” Oneal said. “They made everything very clear. They spoke to us and answered everyone’s questions. Also, they seemed very genuine and honest.” 

Although they only give out one paid internship per quarter, there are still other internships available for many people. Searle and McCausland both encouraged students who are studying any type of journalism to apply for an internship even if it is not paid, that way they get into the field and understand how the career world works.  

“An internship would be a good idea, but it wouldn’t be very do-able for someone like me during the summer,” Oneal said. “It would be a cool thing to think about during the school year to try out.”  

KWCH has many opportunities for someone looking to start working after they graduate from college. After interning, KWCH has multiple full-time and part-time positions available to help students achieve their career goals.  

Visit https://www.kwch.com/ for more information on Internships available! 

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