Pink on wheels

Ashley Lopez

Special to the Lantern

Car dealerships prefer to stock cars in the most popular selling, ordinary, boring colors.  Apparently, this helps picky people have less options to choose from and are able to choose faster. In all honesty, it comes down to the cost of the vehicle in the end. If the manufacturer wanted to make a wider variety of colors for vehicles, it would be more expensive for the seller and the buyer.  

However, if the manufacturer is already spending money to make vehicles adding one more color to their list wouldn’t hurt. This color should be pink. Pink has shown it can help people produce happy emotions because it is such a joyful color. Pink cars always catch the attention of anyone who is either driving or walking past them, so if someone is crying because of an awful incident in their life, all they have to do is look at a pink car to feel better.  

Creating more pink cars straight from the dealerships would create a calmer and more civilized world.  The color pink has also scientifically been proven to calm people. When people see a shade of light pink, their heart rate, pulse and respiration are reduced. Even sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms pink to calm the players.  Pink is also used to calm inmates down in prison.  

Pink cars would only contribute greatness to our daily lives, especially those of drunk drivers. Studies have shown that when a drunk person sees the color pink, their anxiety and aggression levels decline.  What better way is there to prevent tragic drunk driving car accidents than having a way to calm them on the road.  

Now, I am not saying that any other car colors that already exist can’t co-exist with a pink car. The colors that are already made are perfect for people who prefer a more subtle approach to life. They are made neutral for all types of tastes for a reason. Not all people will like the color pink in a car.  The colors already made are like a safe space for people with bland taste.  

One way or another, pink cars need to be manufactured more often. It is clearly an excellent idea with great contributions to society. Pink would supply so much more contentment in our lives. It will not even matter if you like the color or not. The way pink affects our lives without many of us realizing it is all positive.  If only the world cared less about money and more about happiness, we would have an endless supply of pink cars on wheels.  


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