OPINION: Classes should rely less on technology

John Meyer

Lantern Staff

Having the technology, we have now in schools does not make it easy on students or teachers, especially with all the criteria we must learn in a year. It is also difficult to navigate the new platforms that are continuing to be released. Every student and teacher must get used to every single new website or platform they will be using for their classes. The technology we had to use in my school wasn’t like the computers and stuff we have on campus. We had to use Chromebooks to get onto our sites like Google Classroom. Google Classroom was the main website we used in my high school for all our assignments and projects.

For instance, I love writing on paper and using pencil because it is much more beneficial for the human brain. ““Actually, paper is more advanced and useful compared to electronic documents because paper contains more one-of-a-kind information for stronger memory recall,” said Professor Kuniyoshi L. Sakai, a neuroscientist at the University of Tokyo and corresponding author of the research recently published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.” Mainly because you remember almost anything you write down easily. When you are typing, you don’t always remember what you have typed out.

Once Covid hit, a lot had to change for students and teachers because all classes shifted online. You had to get yourself into every single one of your Zoom meets. Most young adults needed to submit everything electronically. For example, I had to take pictures of my work and send it to my teachers. Another problem with meeting on Zoom presented problems. Some teachers had to deal with students not showing their faces in the meetings, nor were they really participating. Also, once we came back to school, everything almost stayed the same as it was during Covid. When we came back in the fall, we still had to be at Zoom meetings, wear masks and submit work in Google classroom.

Now with a lot of people now in college, we all see that literally every single class is online with none really using paper and pencil. With the reliance on technology, this can make it difficult for students to navigate a whole new platform and website. While we have all this technology, we keep having to use it for school assignments, and it causes students and teachers a lot of strain, especially for their eyes because people are now staring at a screen for eight or more hours a day. Most of the teachers and students must have their computer screens in front of their faces with some very bright screens. Also, it causes damage to their eyes and retinas and will make their sight much worse, especially with someone who already has glasses.

To finish, it would be good for schools to use pencil and paper,, so every student could help themselves remember everything they had done much better than they do now. Granted, we all learn differently, but which do you prefer, and does it really work for you: Using pencil and paper or relying on technology instead?


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