Film offers action, suspense for viewers

John Meyer

Lantern Staff

The movie Plane, which was released to theaters on Friday, Jan. 13, is directed by Jean-François Richet and is the length of one hour and 47 minutes. This movie has some very awesome actors starring Gerard Butler, Louis Gaspare and Tony Goldwyn. Knowing Butler’s background with all his action-packed movies, this one will bring viewers some suspense when they see it.  

Louis Gaspare (middle) plays convict Mike Colter in the film. Gaspare is known for playing Luke Cage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plane Trailer

At the beginning of the film, the captain, Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler), runs to get to the plane called the Trailblazer 119 because he was slightly late to get on. His co-pilot Dele (Yoson An) was waiting for him to invite the passengers on board, so they could take off. One of their passengers is an FBI agent RCMP Officer Knight (Otis Winston) who accompanys a convict, Mike Colter (Louis Gaspare). After all the plane inspections, they noticed that they would go through a giant storm. Brodie wants to take another route but is told to just take the path straight through the storm. Once they take off and get caught in the storm, they get struck by lightning and must land, but they land on a dangerous island. After getting off the plane and seeing the island, the captain and the convict go to find help, but instead find who really controls this island and it isn’t the military. 

When I first saw this movie coming out, I immediately wanted to see it because Butler has starred in some very action-packed movies like Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, and the Angel Has Fallen. Plus adding some awesome actors, Gaspare has been in one of my favorite TV series Luke Cage playing as Luke Cage himself. Once I saw both of those actors were going to be in this movie, I had been waiting for the day that this movie was to come out to watch it in theaters.  

Gerard Butler (right) plays pilot Brodie Torrance, who alongside Colter, fights to return to his daughter. Plane Trailer

Being an hour and 47 minutes long it had some good action and suspense. For example, when Brodie leaves to discover a station that he saw prior to landing, gives moviegoers feelings of suspense. On his route, those on the island find him and beat him up. Of action, both Brodie and Mike attempt to save the passengers and begin to take down those that kidnapped the crew.

After watching the movie Plane, I left the theater very happy and left with open eyes for how they ended the movie.  The movie Plane is a good movie for viewers who like action and suspense, particularly seeing such films in the theater. After watching this movie, I would give this movie five out of five Lanterns.  


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