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Smoothie King will open in June

Sarah Cavallaro
Reporting 1 Student

The town of El Dorado has continued to expand their food options with the latest addition of Smoothie King on Oil Hill Road. The variety of options will be available to the public in the first week of June and will be great add-on for all of the college students, and families looking for something healthy and quick.

Construction begins on Smoothie King, Located in El Dorado, KS on the corner of Central Avenue and Oil Hill Road. The business is set to open in June.
Photos by Hallie Mayes

“My deciding factor for bringing a Smoothie King to El Dorado was the lack of choices that our community had for healthy options,” Beth Wittenberg, Smoothie King franchise owner, said. “Getting a quick to-go meal with protein, organic veggies, non-GMO fruits is such a great option for busy families.”

The healthy experience allows for so many options for everyone.

“Benefits to opening a Smoothie King in El Dorado is that it gives people a chance to improve their nutritional choices on a daily basis,” Wittenberg said. “It’s easy. It’s fast, and it tastes great. We also have $5 Fridays.”

With a variety of options coming soon, there will not be anyone left unsatisfied.

Smoothie King will be open from Monday-Saturday 7 a.m.- 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. – 6p.m. on Sundays. They will be hiring team members from the community to work there and plan to have indoor seating available. The restaurant will have a large six-person community table and multiple booths for gathering and meetings, an outdoor patio for the nice summer days and a fast, easy drive-thru.

As previously mentioned, the menu options are vast and have something for everyone.

“Smoothie King offers all kinds of smoothie combinations,” Wittenberg said. “No sugar added. They can be used as a meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout or a snack. There are Fitness Blends, Slim Blends, Post Workout Blends, Mass Gainer Blends, Daily Energy Blends, Kids’ Blends and many others. I am most excited about the opportunity to offer healthy options for our community. I plan to also offer this to school districts for a breakfast and lunch item, sporting events, post-game recovery for high school and college athletes, concession items at community events, business meetings, parties and more.”

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