Celebrity assassins surprise viewers with funny, dramatic plot 

By Jen Anima-Valdez

Bullet Train was released Friday, Aug. 5, starring some of today’s most famous entertainers like Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Bad Bunny, Channing Tatum and more. With actors like these, it is clear the movie took a great amount of money to make but has surpassed that globally grossing over $150 million. 

Brad Pitt stars in the 2022 movie, Bullet Train, under the direction of his old stuntman David Leitch. The movie is based on a book by Kotaro Isaka published in 2010. Youtube Trailer

This film lives up to the genre given as an action comedy with plot twists and action at every turn. The movie is set in Tokyo, Japan, and even begins in the Japanese language where Kimura, a young father played by Andrew Koji, is dealing with the tragic accident of his son, Wataru, being pushed off the top of a building. Enraged with anger and sadness, he sets out to find who hurt his son and to kill them. Kimura gets on the same Bullet Train, where most of the movie occurs, to kill the accused which happens to be the same train Ladybug (played by Brad Pitt) must get on to do his first undercover assignment after being off duty for some time. On both of their journeys to fulfill their goals, many obstacles come into play, which slowly uncover the real reason they are on the train at the same time. A huge group of other assassins are also on this train looking for the same thing – a briefcase. Why are they all on the same train? Who will end up with this briefcase? 

Without too much effort, this movie has been one of the only movies that has genuinely made me laugh, unlike other comedies where one almost feels forced to laugh because comedy is the only genre. As soon as Ladybug (Pitt) enters you know it’s going to be a good one! Aaron Taylor Johnson (Tangerine) and Brian Tyree Henry (Lemon) not only combine with Pitt to bring some of the funniest scenes of this film, but also give the audience heartfelt characters to relate to. I would accredit them with making me laugh the most throughout this movie.  

Bad Bunny also made another acting debut in this film as The Wolf, a Mexican cartel hit man similar to his character “El Kitty” in Narcos Mexico – a Mexican Cartel member. The fact that he is Colombian playing a Mexican twice already says something about his acting skills. This also shows how Bullet Train combines diverse cultures that one would not think of putting together into one great blended film.  

Another actor who did an amazing job was Prince, played by Joey King, a crazy, evil teenage girl with a deep dark history. Although her role in this movie is a complete 360 from some of her most famous work she’s in like The Kissing Booth, Ramona and Beezus and The Act, this part as the Prince fit her perfectly.  

This movie is soon to become a classic I will rewatch over again. This is not your basic action- comedy movie where there is only one plot beginning until the end. This film is full of surprises and creates a puzzle effect putting it together piece by piece until it all makes sense. The film does a great job with attention to detail and explanation making it an good time for the audience. 

 I would give this movie five Lanterns out of five. 


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