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Repairs underway to stadium

Jayden Stanley

Reporting 2 Student

According to Ireland Turner, assistant director of Facilities Management, repairs to the BG Products Veterans Stadium are 50% complete, and in nearly eight weeks, it should be completed.

First reported on Monday, Feb. 22, on the Butler Sports Media Facebook page, the stadium was damaged by cold temperatures and wind chills, causing pipes to freeze and break.

At this point, the cost of repairs is being determined.

“We may not have final numbers until the project is complete,” Turner said. “At this time, all we know is the Educational Facilities Authority of Butler County (EFABC), which operates the stadium, will have to pay for the insurance deductible.”
“We are hoping to have most of the restrooms back in operation by [Saurday,]April 3,” Turner added.

Photos by Hallie Mayes

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