International student comes to Butler on recommendation

Morgan-Alysse Black

Lantern Staff

Photo by Morgan-Alysse Black

Meet Iyanla Bailey-Williams. She is from Puerto Rico/ St.Kitts and Nevis. She came to Butler after a fellow teammate named Britney who is on a national team recommended the school. Britney spoke of her good memories of playing soccer at Butler. 

Bailey-Williams started playing soccer at the age of four years old where she started on a boy’s team, and as she got older eventually started playing on a girl’s team where she grew to become a better player.  

Bailey-Williams hopes are to gain friends, have a great season, be a great soccer player and complete her degrees while attending Butler. After Butler, she has plans to continue playing soccer in either California, Texas or Missouri. As you could imagine, Kansas is very different from Puerto Rico in many ways such as the personality of the people, food, economic costs and sports.

“Puerto Rico is not so popular like in the states,” Bailey-Williams said.

Bailey-Williams is majoring in civil engineering. Her interest in this career started from her grandfather and watching him build different things.

Since Butler is a small college, she appreciates the friendly people and nice professors. This soccer season for fall 2021 school year is going well so far. This year’s team is full of talented players, and the team has gone up in rankings to ninth in the national.

“I feel like this year we will beat all the conference teams and beat them in the nation and be the champion league,” Bailey-Williams said. “I do miss from home is the food, my family, going out with my friend to party on the weekend and the festivals monthly party we normally have in the country. I’m in very close contact with my family almost every day I have to communicate with them on the phone and see how they doing down there, and I love how they always ask me if I need anything contact them and they will post it to me. I love my family a lot and thank goodness for them.”

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